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Signs of Preterm Labor

It can be really difficult to distinguish between normal discomforts of pregnancy (who doesn’t have back pain when pregnant?!) and warning signs (if you have back pain call your provider!).

So, if you feel confused, or if something that once felt normal feels a little bit different, call your provider and ask all the questions. It’s best to get their input and advice-- you don’t need to figure it out on your own! Even midwives need help figuring out what’s going on sometimes!

What The Heck Happened When I Gave Birth?!

Seeing a whole person make their way into the world is enough to wipe out all memory of what came before it; let alone the sleep deprivation, physical pain and mental adjustments you’re going through. There’s a steep learning curve where you’re figuring out how to care for your own wobbly body and a NEW HUMAN; plus someone is in your room every 5 minutes waking your baby or taking your blood pressure. Bye sleep.