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10 vital ways to nurture your baby's growing brain!

My goal in this post is to give you easy tips to help nurture your baby’s growing brain during their first year of life. The first year of life is when majority of brain growth occurs! Babies are born with only 25% of their brain volume and over the course of the next 12 months their brain will triple in size! A baby’s brain grows by 1% every day for the first 3 months of life.

Basic Principles of Nutrition

Understanding the basic principles of nutrition can help you navigate the myriad of dietary advice one can find online. Proper diet is essential for all phases of life, including pregnancy, and the fundamental principles remain the same across their lifespan.

Humans need more than 40 different nutrients to maintain optimal health. These nutrients are classified as either macronutrient (which includes fats, carbohydrates, and protein) or micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

How To Find Perseverance When You're A Perfectionist!

The tendency toward self-criticism is more prevalent among those who live with anxiety or depression, even when our problems stem from issues beyond our control. The focus is more on fixing the problem than it is on calming, confronting, and caring for ourselves. When we notice our shortcomings, instead of judging them or going blind to them by pretending we did nothing wrong, acknowledge them, let yourself and others know they exist; own your behavior, and then keep going.