Shhh! You're pregnant and you have questions!

Shhh! You're pregnant and you have questions!

You’re Pregnant!

It’s our little secret. No one has to know you’re pregnant. However, I know you have questions! There are approximately 4-6 weeks between the time you find out you’re pregnant to when you actually see a  healthcare provider. That’s a long time to hold all those questions in!! 

Overview of Internet Use Among Pregnant Women

“A qualitative study of Dutch women who were pregnant or trying to conceive revealed that the women who relied on the Internet for pregnancy information did so primarily because of its anonymity (Szwajcer, Hiddink, Koelen, & van Woerkum, 2005). The ability to seek information in private may be a significant advantage in early pregnancy when a woman may not want to share the news of her pregnancy with others and when she may not yet have established prenatal care. Eighty-three percent of Listening to Mothers II respondents learned that they were pregnant by taking home-pregnancy tests (Declercq et al., 2006). Although the women discovered their pregnancies at an average of 5.6 weeks, they did not begin prenatal care until, on average, the ninth week of pregnancy. The immediate availability and ability to obtain information privately, therefore, render the Internet particularly suitable for early pregnancy. Indeed, a survey of Swedish pregnant women found that most respondents (54%) reported that their heaviest Internet use was in early pregnancy.” - From A Changing Landscape: Implications of Pregnant Women’s Internet Use for Childbirth Educators

Here are some of your most common questions you have during the first few weeks of pregnancy:

Did I take my pregnancy test correctly?!

Answer: When taking a pregnancy test do it first thing in the morning with your first urination (the pregnancy hormone is higher then and easier to detect). Take the test one day after your missed period. Read the instructions on the box! Does it say pee on the stick or in a cup? How many minutes does it say to wait before reading the results? After how many minutes should you NOT read the result? (Side note: you can get a false positive or negative if you wait too long to read the pregnancy test). Set your timer and wait! Read your results.... and?! Are you pregnant?!

I’m spotting. Is this normal?

Answer: Some women experience implantation spotting after their missed period. It’s when the fertilized egg implants into the uterine lining. A little spotting is normal. If you experience heavy vaginal bleeding, contact your healthcare provider.

When should I start prenatal care?

Answer: Most providers accept new patients between 6-9 weeks. It’s possible for you to have a ‘trial’ visit with a few different OB providers to see if one is a good fit for you. You can call and ask about an OB Providers birth statistics, management of pregnancy, etc.

What is safe to eat in pregnancy?

Answer: Here is a comprehensive overview of what foods you should avoid and how to prepare food so it’s safe to consume in pregnancy.

Can I have sex in my first trimester?

Answer: Yes, you can still have sex. You might experience some spotting after intercourse, this is normal. If you have heavy bleeding like a period, let your provider know. You should practice safe sex and get tested for STDs in your first trimester.

*The information provided not to be taken as medical advice. Please work with your healthcare provider if you have specific questions regarding your health and pregnancy.

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