Get Your Dessert On

Get Your Dessert On

But, in like, a healthy way.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Chia Pudding

I like peanut butter. And chocolate. A lot. A Reese’s blizzard is my jam. And when I got pregnant I really only wanted to eat peanut butter and chocolate all day, everyday. 

One of my goals in pregnancy was to not sugar bomb my baby. The food we eat in pregnancy changes the flavor of amniotic fluid, establishing food preferences even in utero. So I ate, like, a lot of carrots and brussel sprouts and broccoli and now my child owes me for life.

I figured it was going to be easy enough for her to love sugar on her own, I didn’t want to make it even easier by flavoring her in utero environment with it.

I experimented with healthy dessert options. This is one I had probably every night in my 3rd trimester. It’s healthy, tastes good and has lots of fiber.

I will say this: the second I gave birth I filled my belly and brain with Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar desserts. I maybe even ate an entire cake of hers in 2 days, because… balance.


1 cup of almond milk

1 tablespoon of peanut butter

4 tablespoons of chia seeds

1 teaspoon of maple syrup (optional)

1 tablespoon of cacao nibs

1/2 sliced banana (optional)


Mix peanut butter, maple syrup and almond milk together in a blender until smooth.

Stir chia seeds into milk and let sit in fridge for 30 minutes

Add cacao nibs and banana.

And, enjoy.

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