Good-bye Sleep

How’s sleep going?”

This can be such a loaded question for new parents. Especially if you are worried about being judged for your decisions around daytime and nighttime sleep habits by family, friends or your pediatrician.

I can’t tell you how many new moms quietly disclose to me they bed share (i.e baby sleeps in bed with them). Around 24% of moms bed share...and those are just the ones who disclose it.

I have a 4 month old and the way sleep has panned out is far from what I expected (all you seasoned moms are laughing right now). I read so many sleep training books before giving birth, selected one I trusted the most and began implementing their recommendations early on. I planned on sleep training, separating breast from comfort, and having her on a nap schedule by the time I was due to go back to work. 

Here’s what I quickly realized: I hated it and so did she. I much preferred to wear her for naps, bed-share at night (safely!) and breastfeed for comfort.

I felt like sleep training was rooted in western thought instead of normal infant biology. I began to ask myself what was behind certain newborn behaviors instead of jumping to the sleep training conclusion that rocking to sleep, sucking for comfort, waking frequently at night were bad habits that needed to be eliminated. I wanted to understand why most babies naturally want to be held, soothed, rocked, and feed to sleep.

If sleep training works for you, amen! I don’t think there is anything wrong with training your baby to sleep or asking your baby to adapt so your work life/family life is functional. If it works for you and your family, do it!

I think an informed decision is the best decision, whatever that may be. There are pros and cons, risks and benefits to whatever method you choose. Knowing there is choice around how you handle infant sleep is what I want to emphasize here.

I‘ll be sharing the research I did around sleep training, co-sleeping, bed sharing, evolutionary biology and normal infant behavior here and on my website. Let me know if you have questions and share your thoughts below!

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