Thanksgiving Guide: 5 Ways to Enjoy the Holiday!

Thanksgiving Guide: 5 Ways to Enjoy the Holiday!

Your Guide to Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving, or any holiday really, can be fraught with emotion. Here's your quick guide to turning Thanksgiving into a holiday of enjoyment, rest, and well, thankfulness.

5 ways to make this holiday delightful!


1. Exercise.

Start your day with a kundalini exercise dedicated to giving, receiving, and resting.

Meditation for Gurprasad (grace or blessing)

  • Sit comfortably in meditation pose and cup the hands together at heart level, palms up, upper arms pressed against the rib cage, eyes 1/10 open or closed. Keep your spine straight!

  • Now, ask for what you need. Feel that something is trickling down to you from the heavens: - the light of God, the flow of life, the supreme energy - whatever you believe. Imagine that what you need and what you asked for is falling into your hands as you meditate. Meditate here for 3-11 minutes.

Stretch and go for a 10-minute walk. Walking is our best medicine. Walking not only boosts stress-easing endorphins within just 10 minutes, but it also reduces fatigue, increases circulation and heart health, improves blood pressure, burns fat, and opens your mind.


2. Food.

  • Turkeys in America can contain many chemicals, antibiotics, and other unnatural contaminants from farming. One way to combat this is to buy a turkey that is free-range. If you live in the Midwest, you can buy a turkey from Milk & Honey Farmstead. If you are looking for a new way to cook your turkey you can try brining, smoking, or least healthy option, frying!

  • For a delicious vegan Pumpkin Pie recipe, go here.

  • For a healthy latte, try this!

  • For a bright, but smoky cocktail, here's my favorite recipe, courtesy of my husband.

    • Ingredients:

2 oz Laphroaig

0.75 oz Meyer lemon juice

2 dashes of lavender bitters

0.75 oz orgeat syrup (almond syrup)

Mix all together, shake and strain into a coup. Express lemon peel oil on top of the cocktail. Enjoy! (link to ingredients below!)


3. Nap.

After all that turkey, it's easy to take a nap. A 15-minute nap also lowers your cortisol level. Be mindful of how you nap- is this to check out of a stressful situation? Or is it to take a moment for yourself so you can feel more energized and engaged with those around you?


4. Give a massage to someone you love!

Giving a massage has the same benefits of receiving one. And since Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks, thank someone else (and yourself!) by giving a friendly massage. It can lower cortisol levels and increase oxytocin.


5. End your day with thankfulness, not just because your supposed to on Thanksgiving, but because practicing gratitude and thankfulness year round changes your worldview, mindset, and maybe even your luck.

“You say grace before meals. All right. But I say grace before I open a book, and before sketching, painting, swimming, walking, playing, dancing and before I dip the pen in the ink.” – G. K Chesterton

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