Non-toxic Hormone Balancing Candles

Non-toxic Hormone Balancing Candles

Non-toxic Candles To Balance Your Hormones

There are many small and significant ways you can heal and care for your body. However, most of the time when we think of self-care we think of it as a ‘big event’ like a spa day or a night out with friends. When we view the act of self-care as similar to taking one big expensive vacation instead of several small ones, we miss out on the opportunity to stay balanced and healthy every day. Recent research tells shows that we enjoy and appreciate a long weekend just as much as one big vacation. Applying that same concept to self-care, that bigger isn’t always better, can help us enjoy all that each day brings. Instead of thinking about self-care as something you have to put a ton of time and effort into, think of it as simple as taking a deep breath, going for a walk, putting candles out when you take a bath…or making your own candles to use when you take your bath. It’s about creating a life you love to live each day.

Recently, I started making candles. It’s slow, simple, thoughtful and relaxing. Plus, store bought candles can be extremely toxic. Most candles are made with paraffin wax, which is a refined petroleum product. Paraffin wax releases 11 toxic chemicals and carcinogens when burned. 100% beeswax candles are non-toxic, last a long time, and give off a nice warm glow.

I’ve compiled a list of essential oils to balance female hormones. Add these to your candles to help clear your head, balance your hormones, and practice self-care.

How to make non-toxic candles

Ingredients: (this makes one 8oz candle)

1 cup of organic beeswax

1/4 cup of coconut oil

2 teaspoons of essential oil

Glass jar



Take the candle wick and hot glue it to the bottom of your preferred candle holder.

Then, take a sauce pan and boil water.

Fill a mason jar (different than the jar you will use to make the candle) with 1 cup of beeswax and 1/4 cup of coconut oil.

Place the jar in the boiling water and allow the beeswax and coconut oil to melt.

Once the ingredients have melted, add your essential oil and mix it in.

Remove the mason jar from the boiling water and pour melted wax into your preferred candle holder. Once the wax is poured used two pens to hold the wick in place while it dries. It takes up to 12 hours to fully harden.

Hormone balancing essential oils:

  1. Frankincense Essential Oil

  2. Geranium Essential Oil

  3. Clary Sage Essential Oil

  4. Peppermint Essential Oil

  5. Bergamot Essential Oil

  6. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

  7. Lavender Essential Oil

  8. German Chamomile Essential Oil

  9. Anise Essential Oil

  10. Rosemary Essential Oil

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