Postpartum Essentials For A Speedy Recovery

Postpartum Essentials For A Speedy Recovery

Postpartum Essentials

If you’re about to have a baby or just had a baby here are a few postpartum essentials I swear by. If these items aren’t given to you by your care team, ask for them! They are great to have on hand even if you’re not sure you’ll use them.

Top 10 Items To Have For Postpartum Recovery

  1. Witch hazel: Apply it everywhere. Jk. But do use it liberally on your perineum or hemorrhoids.

  2. Sitz bath: use it multiple times a day. Or take a bath. Either one works. It will significantly help reduce perineal or vaginal pain and aid in healing. Add witch hazel to make it extra special. I can’t tell you how many women don’t use this until they’re desperate for some relief and then report back that they wish they had used it sooner! It really helps.

  3. Dermoplast spray: game changer. It’s a topical lidocaine spray to use on your vagina; numb it up while you heal so you can actually sit.

  4. Peri bottle: use it when you pee. If you had a periurethral tear (a tear near your urethra) it can be especially painful to urinate. Spraying a bit of water while you pee helps reduce the acidity of your urine.

  5. Ice packs. Order them online or make your own by soaking pads in witch hazel (or another postpartum herb blend) and freeze.

  6. Nipple cream and a lactation consultant. If you’re a little bit sore now, don’t wait. Ask for help sooner than later.

  7. Request a prescription for Norco or Tylenol with codeine if you had a c-section or a 3-4th degree tear. It’s safe to use while breastfeeding and will help you survive the first few days- week postpartum.

  8. Take a stool softener! Especially if you’re on iron supplements or a narcotic.

  9. NuRoo shirt: keeps your baby skin to skin and your hands free! •
    Make sure to have a second set of hands. Take all the help you can get and soak it in. Ring that bell, have someone be you water and food... there’s no such thing as asking for too much during this time.

  10. Lavender or Rose essential oil: These two essential oils have been found to reduce symptoms of postpartum depression. They smell delicious, help your relax, and reduce symptoms of PMS (cramps, headaches, mood swings… aka postpartum recovery is like one giant period, with a dash of menopause, so why not use these oils to help with recovery!).

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