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Swaddling: dos and dont's

Swaddling can be an excellent tool to calm your baby IF your baby enjoys it! Swaddling can reduce the risk of SIDS if done correctly AND if your baby doesn’t sleep for too long in the swaddle. A baby who doesn’t wake often is a baby at higher risk for SIDS. Night time awakenings are an infant's best defense against SIDS or other physiologic challenges while their body systems mature. 

Infant stomach size

Researchers have been trying to measure infant stomach capacity for over 100 years. It's been estimated that a 40-week fetus swallows around 5-30ml of amniotic fluid at a time. Every baby has a different caloric requirement & exact volumes cannot be standardized because stomach capacity varies.

Are there heavy metals in your prenatal vitamins?!

Are there heavy metals in your prenatal vitamin? What are the best prenatal vitamins? There are so many options on the market it can be difficult to know which one to choose (and time-consuming to figure out!). One study collected and tested twenty-six commonly used prenatal vitamin brands, including one prescription brand, for toxic element contamination. They found lead, arsenic, and other toxic elements such as Aluminum, Nickel, Titanium, and Thallium in all samples!

Laid back breastfeeding

Your newborn is rooting around showing you she's hungry. You get yourself set up with pillows or a boppy to prop her up, and then you bring her into a traditional position (like football, cradle, cross cradle), but she refuses to latch. She arches her back and pushes away from the breast. You know she's hungry but you aren't sure why she's pushing away from the breast. She's literally doing the opposite of what you need her to do to eat.

Breastfeeding probs! Or, factors associated with slow infant weight gain

Did your pediatrician tell you to start supplementing because your baby isn’t gaining enough weight? Hearing those words can be frustrating, disappointing, and unhelpful! Slow weight gain may not in itself be the actual problem, but a manifestation of some other factor that should be checked first. What I mean by this is, if your baby isn’t gaining weight the solution isn’t ONLY to supplement. We need to figure out what else may be causing slow weight gain in your infant- the slow weight gain is a symptom of some other condition. Slow weight gain can be caused by a factor in the mother, infant, or both!